Sample Exercises

Studies in Aural Perception, Score Reading and Stylistic Comprehension

For Beginners or Advanced Students?

Right Playing – Wrong Playing is usable on a varied range of skills. This is accounted for in two ways: (1) The mistakes are more or less “obvious”. Some of them are fairly easily heard, particularly if you play the examples many times, and possibly break them up into pieces. Some of them are more difficult. (2) Some “clues” associated with each exercise are offered. The first clue simply informs the user about the number of errors. The second clue, the third clue, etc. step by step give some information about what the user should be particularly attentive to, how much in the way of errors there is to be found, etc.
    As far as challenges are concerned there should be something for everyone here. This is confirmed in my experience as a teacher in ear-training and score-reading on The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, where I have I have tried out my ideas and applied, partly adjusted, parts of the material in Right Playing in co-operation with students. You yourself may try how it all works in Sample Exercise 1 & 2.

Sample Exercise 1Sample Exercise 2