Sample Exercise 1

Identify the mistakes in what you hear

The score is the original one. But the musicians make mistakes!

    • 1. Listen to the music using the audio player and look in the score below.

    • Audio Player     

    • 2. Play the music just once, or play it two or more times. Play it in its entirety, or play it broken up into pieces. Just listen, or help yourself with the help of a piano or some other supporting instrument. Etc. As far as levels of difficulty and challenges are concerned there should be something for everyone here.

    • Now, did you identify all the mistakes? Not sure? Look at Clue A below.
      You didn’t get them all? Play the music once or twice again. Or make use of Clue B. And further of Clue C.



  • Clue A.
  • Clue B.
  • Clue C.


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